09.00-09.10 Opening

9.10-10.10 Keynote

  •   Prof. Henning Mueller: "Medical 3D data retrieval"

10.10-10.30 Coffee break

10.30 - 12.10 Paper Session 1 

  • J. Knopp, P. Mukta,  L. Van Gool: Automatic shape expansionwith verification to improve 3D retrieval, classification and matching
  • D. Boscaini, U. Castellani: Local signature quantization by sparse coding
  • H. Tabia, D. Picard, H. Laga,  P.-H. Gosselin: Compact Vectors of Locally Aggregated Tensors for 3D shape retrieval
  • V. Barra, S. Biasotti: Learning Kernels on Extended Reeb Graphs for 3D shape classification and retrieval

12.10 - 12.30 Poster Fast Forward 

  • F. Alizadeh,  A. Sutherland : Charge Density-Based 3D Model Retrieval Using Bag-of-Feature
  • R. El Khoury,  J.-P. Vandeborre, M. Daoudi : 3D-model retrieval using bag-of-features based on closed curves
  • J. Garcia-Castano: Features Accumulation on a Multiple View Oriented Model for People Re-Identification

12.30 - 13.30 Lunch

13.30 – 14.15 C&G presentation & DEMO   


14.15 - 15.55 Paper Session 1 

  • R. Slama, H. Wannous, M. Daoudi : 3D Human Video Retrieval: from Pose to Motion Matching
  • K. Sfikas, I.  Pratikakis, T. Theoharis: SymPan: 3D Model Pose Normalization via Panoramic Views and Reflective Symmetry
  • B. Li, Y. Lu, H. Johan: Sketch-Based 3D Model Retrieval by Viewpoint Entropy-Based Adaptive View Clustering
  • S. Berretti, N. Werghi: Geometric Histograms of 3D Keypoints for Face Identification with Missing Parts

15.55 - 16.20 Coffee break with poster discussion

16.20 - 18.20 SHREC Session 

  • SHREC'13: Retrieval of objects captured with low-cost depth-sensing cameras (J. Machado, A. Ferreira, P. B. Pascoal, M. Abdelrahman , M. Aono , M. El-Melegy, A. Farag, H. Johan, B. Li, Y. Lu, A. Tatsuma
  • SHREC'13 Track: Retrieval on textured 3D models (A. Cerri, S. Biasotti, M. Abdelrahman, J. Angulo, K. Berger, L. Chevallier, M. El-Melegy, A. Farag, F. Lefebvre, A. Giachetti, H. Guermoud, Y.-J. Liu, S. Velasco-Forero, JR. Vigouroux, C.-X. Xu, J.-B. Zhang)
  • SHREC 2013 Track: Large-Scale Partial Shape Retrieval Track Using Simulated Range Images (I. Sipiran, R. Meruane, B. Bustos, T. Schreck, B. Li. Y. Lu, H. Johan)
  • SHREC'13 Track: Large Scale Sketch-Based 3D Shape Retrieval (B. Li, Y. Lu, A. Godil, T. Schreck, M. Aono, H. Johan, J. M. Saavedra, S. Tashiro)

18.20  Workshop Closing

20.00 Social Dinner

  Location: Restaurant "As de Copas“, C/Figuerola, 35. Girona (Ca. 2 km from Hotel Melia)